The Best of Me

by donna on May 8, 2011

Today is a day to give thanks to all those in your life who have nurtured you through their support, their words, their silent glances of ” I believe in you”, and with LOVE and admiration for where you stand right now…in this very moment of your life.  Today is Mother’s Day and I recognize this day as a celebration of all people who reach out to lift the spirit of another. By offering the best of ourselves we give others a chance to see the best in themselves.  Having nurturing, caring, loving intentions is a motherly act that reaches far beyond the roll of mother.  I am blessed with the gift of two beautiful boys and I am proud in knowing what I gave them, as they were growing into the men they were to become, was the “best of me”.  A “best” that evolves throughout the stages of their life because with every beautiful breath I take, I inhale the love, joy, encouragement, and support of amazing people.  Through the caring and nurturing spirits of their hearts, I easily recognize a better me. Today I celebrate my mother, my sons, my husband, my siblings, my friends, and teachers for continually demonstrating their best, and lifting my spirit everyday.

Celebrate those who lift you up in supporting, encouraging, empowering, and loving ways.

Happy Mother’s Day!

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