I discovered words to be a powerful tool.  The amount of power held within them depends on our willingness to put action behind them.  Eckhart Tolle wrote words inspiring me to take action by changing my thought pattern and in doing so I discovered the inner wisdom that led me to the creation of Build Spiritual Muscle. There are many creative ways to use the power of words to guide us on a path, and encourage inner growth. The words in Build Spiritual Muscle are tools for you to discover the inner wisdom that will inspire you to live your dreams.

Build Spiritual Muscle’s exercises are in an order that takes you through each level sequentially, but feel free to work through them any way that feels right to you. These exercises are tools to support and encourage you along your way.  Take the time to absorb them completely so you can incorporate them into your daily activities with confidence and a commitment to nurturing your inner self.  Remember these exercises are only words if all you do is read them…take action through daily practice and open the door to your path of self-discovery.  The journey begins with you…

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Warm Up

Level I Workout
Level II Workout
Level III Workout
Cool Down