by donna on May 2, 2010

Take a moment to remember a heartfelt laugh.  A time when you had a belly jiggling, out of control, laughing reaction.  Maybe you heard something funny, or you said something that created a wave of laughter in yourself or others.  Something you’ve seen or read that started a giggling effect.  Go back to that joyous memory and re-live the tickle, the smile; the complete happiness that filled your soul.  Allow the feelings to surface again as you experience new laughing moments.

Laughter can bring smiles to the face of many.  It can change the condition of any situation by spreading joy all around.  When I begin my day with the belief that I project what I want to experience, I am empowered to shield myself from unwanted reactions to the daily events that show up.  As easy as it is to fall into the victim mindset believing all things are targeted to make my day uneasy, I can equally empower myself to create my desired outcome by choosing to be what I want to experience.  By embracing my laughing moments, I place myself in a cocoon of joy and in my joyous space I am not easily shaken.  I simply fall into the arms of my practice being aware of its ability to put distance between me and what I see or experience.  Imagine stepping into a crowded place like Costco where commotion and confusion can attract frustration.  In a cocoon of joy I walk the aisles with a smile on my face and unaffected by its outward appearance.  My husband calls it Costco peace (something he has yet to master) and although I like his description, the truth is Costco is one of many places where I am challenged to live my practice.

Choose laughter!

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