Break-ups, De-cluttering and Patience

by donna on October 22, 2010

In my quest for spiritual growth I’ve met some amazing people who shared stories of personal triumph and inner growth.  Week after week I arrived at gatherings to listen to words from enlightened speakers.  I’d pick up a new book, a CD, an inspiring DVD which all received its worthy swipe off my debt card.  The more the better so I thought!

Summer arrived and with its glorious sunshine appeared clarity.  I had been filling up my inner space with all this goodness, which left little room for my own creations.  Although it was all good stuff, it was in excess (too much-too fast) and my inner voice began to fade as did my clear vision.  I needed to de-clutter…to take a break.  Thankfully, I am familiar with internal de-cluttering – just a few years earlier I purged old junk I carried from past years .  The reward of letting it go allowed me the open space to explore new thoughts and ideas.  I stay closely connected to the memory of all its gifts and Build Spiritual Muscle is at the top of my list.

This past summer I engaged in one great book and lots of time alone to re-connect with my vision.  No classes, no retreats, Cd’s, or DVDs just an inner-self exploration and ample discovering.  Patience became my challenged virtue as I slowly re-discovered my own words.  They didn’t flow as fluidly as they once did…more like a slow drip.  Some might call it writer’s block and I’ll entertain the possibility, but regardless I knew I had to slow down on the consumption of information that was interfering with my inner guidance.  Moderation is best for me.

Outside information can be great, but allow yourself gaps of “me” time to stay connected to your inner self!

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