Are You Spending Quality Time Connecting With Yourself?

by donna on March 1, 2011

Build Spiritual Muscle is a lifestyle that encourages spending time everyday to connect with your inner-self.  Your relationship with self should be as important to you as the relationships you create with others and therefore, you should spend the same quality time nurturing it.  Remember to take time treating yourself to quality one-on-one time with self, and begin experiencing the connections that lead you closer to the life you’ve always dreamed of.  You’re worth it!

Fitness connection:
A gym – A physical oneness with self
Yoga – A connection to the energy within
Pilates – The gift of wellness
Dance – A freeing of your inner self
Walks – A wondrous display of a physical world
Hikes – You and nature, a spirit’s oneness
Surfing – Solitude within the ocean
Snowboarding – A sacred mountain
Fishing – Patience

Inner connection:
Meditation – A quieting of thoughts
Awareness – The clarity of inner truth
Acceptance – The separation between you and judgment
Conscious Listening – Inner guidance
Journal – Revealing your inner thoughts

Short of time connection:
Close your eyes and take three deep breaths feeling each inhale and exhale
Laugh out loud; a heartfelt giggle
Observe the mountains, the sky, the ocean; the stars
Listen to your favorite song
Look in the mirror and smile back at yourself (you might just crack yourself up)

Other ideas:
Spa time
Read your favorite book
Spend time doing what you love/hobbies
Watch a movie that makes you happy

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